FAULT FUTURE: Alexa Goddard

It has been less than a month since Alexa Goddard signed her 5-album record deal with Roc Nation. Having caught the eyes of Jay-Z himself, the pop and R&B singer is going places, fast. She’s already built a solid following, having garnered over 43 million views on YouTube with her covers of songs by everyone from Taylor Swift to Lil Wayne. The lyric video for her debut single ‘Marilyn’ is available on YouTube now, with official release coming later this year.

Shirt: Lazy Oaf
Shirt: Lazy Oaf


When you were growing up, who were your biggest influences?

So many! It varied from Bob Marley and UB40 to Tina Turner, the Spice Girls, Sam Cooke, Jay-Z, lots of Hip hop. A bit of everything!


How do you process those influences when you’re still growing?

I would hear bits and pieces and take it from there. Maybe a run Whitney would do, or the tone of someone’s voice.


Were you always a performer?

The first time I ever sang in public was aged 3, doing karaoke! But I remember I would run off after the performance, crying because I was so nervous. But then I’d want to go back and do it again. When I was about 14 I entered a singing competition and something just changed; I remember walking on stage and feeling that I could do anything.


Was superstardom always the dream?

As soon as I finished my GCSEs I committed to music. Even if I had just been a local pub singer it would have been enough, but obviously I managed to get a deal, so it worked out! (laughs)


The first time you met Jay-Z you walked straight up to him and introduced yourself, which takes guts! Did you always have that in-built determination?

There was definitely a time, maybe a year before I signed with Roc, when I wasn’t sure it would all happen for me. But I would still have made music, and I would still have been happy.

Dress : David Koma Necklace: MAWI
Dress : David Koma
Necklace: MAWI

How has signing with a label that’s as big as Roc Nation affected your artistry?

Not at all. I was nervous that I was going to be told exactly what to do but they’re completely open to what I think and what I want to say.


How do you hope to present yourself in the public arena?

I want young girls to be able to relate to me. Having really started out on YouTube, that’s how people know me- as a normal girl, sitting at home with her fluffy pink headphones, singing. I want an element of that to always exist. If I look at Katy Perry, I think she’s a superstar but she’s still so nice and approachable and real. That’s what I want.


Having got your big break on YouTube, how do you think online media has shaped the music industry? Were you always ahead of the curve in that respect?

You know what, I didn’t want to do the YouTube thing to begin with. I had this vision of me having to look into the camera and I thought it would just be so corny! It was my management’s idea and after getting positive feedback I just started putting more up. It was daunting but I’m very glad I went along with it!


Having become so successful covering other people’s songs on YouTube, is there an added fear or pressure releasing your original material?

Not a fear as such- I’m actually really excited. Because I love my music so much, and my latest track ‘Marilyn Monroe’ has gone down really well so there’s a pride in that- in putting out my music.


Cardigan: Sister By Sibling Top: Sister By Sibling Trousers: Lazy Oaf
Cardigan: Sister By Sibling
Top: Sister By Sibling
Trousers: Lazy Oaf


The whole phenomenon of the rabid fanbase has really taken hold of the music industry at the moment, with Little Monsters and Beliebers etc. How do you picture the Alexa Goddard fanbase?

The thing is I don’t even like using the word ‘fans’- it makes me feel a bit funny! I’d rather see them as Twitter followers or just supporters, really. It’s lovely because a lot of them have been following me from the very beginning and I remember them. To see that so many of them are still following, still interested, still supporting is so amazing to me.


What are going to be the core themes on the album?

As it’s my first album, I just want people to have fun. There’s a good mixture though. There are pop songs but also ballads with just me and the piano. One in particular actually made me tearful when I first heard it- it’s not a sad song but it has such a beautiful message to it.

Overall, the album is going to be fun, cheeky, and a little bit rebellious but some of the tracks just bring in more emotion and more vulnerability. But mainly it’s just about fun and having a good time! (laughs.)


On that note, what is your FAULT?

Chocolate! (laughs)


Photography: Miles Holder www.milesholder.com

Writer: Will Ballantyne-Reid

Stylist: a+c Studios 

Makeup: Emma Miles using Mac Cosmetics

Hair Stylist: Natalie Viner