FAULT Focus: Jordan Kurland, one of the San Francisco music scene’s men “behind the curtain”

Good bands and huge crowds are two things no avid concertgoer wants to live without. These two factors combined create an experience that cannot be duplicated in any other setting. Of course great bands and awesome festivals do not just happen magically. While the free spirit and community may not show it; putting on a large scale festival takes a corporate sized team to handle people, parking, food, bands, structure… the list goes on. This is where a real leader takes the helm. When it comes to Zeitgeist and Noise Pop, a band management company and popular Indie festival respectively, Jordan Kurland is the Oz behind the curtain.

Jordan Kurland shot by Larry LeBlanc
Jordan Kurland shot by Larry LeBlanc


Attending Pitzer College while studying psychology, Kurland originally wanted to become a writer. While getting an introduction to the music biz he then thought about music journalism. It wasn’t until he started interning with companies such as Seriously Inc. that Jordan knew the music industry was one he wanted to be apart of. After graduating Kurland knew he had to gain some experience so after his stint in L.A., he got his foot in the door with David Lefkowitz/Figurehead management, a company based in San Francisco. Using this opportunity Jordan began to consult for tech based companies that worked in music; thus Zeitgeist was born.



Forming in late 1999, Zeitgeist Artist Management was born with the idea of giving artists the creative freedom to make amazing music. Operating with a staff of 6, with Kurland leading, Zeitgeist is now executing their mission with precision and skill. With such a boutique firm, it is clear that it takes passion and vision to achieve what Zeitgeist has today. In an interview with celebrityaccess.comJordan Kurland talks about his method behind choosing the bands he works with. For Kurland it’s not just about making money, he truly believes in the bands he represents. Boasting an impressive roster that includes, Death Cab for Cutie, Say Anything, and The Postal Service, it’s obvious that this company is in, good company. What sets Zeitgeist apart is that they not only want their clients to achieve success, but they develop their artists to sustain their music careers over the course of time. Kurland is also a partner in the San Francisco based music festival Noise Pop.

Noise Pop

Getting its start in 1993, Noise Pop Music Festival is arguably one of the cornerstone festivals for indie musicians. It wasn’t until 1997 when Kurland offered to lend founder Kevin Arnold a hand with running the festival. Noise Pop offered the ability for indie artists to gain momentum and recognition. Today, all you have to do is stream some viral content on YouTube and if it’s popular enough, it could get you a record deal in practically minutes. During a time where trying to make it as an independent artist was tough, festivals like Noise Pop broke the mold and paved the way for many popular artists today. 21 years later, Noise Pop is hailed as a staple of San Francisco. Of course Noise Pop has evolved over the course of its inception but the main mission still remains the same, giving the masses access to great Indie music. Given the success of both Zeitgeist and Noise Pop, it is clear that Kurland certainly wears many hats.

Treasure Island Festival – October 2014’s Lineup

Future/Treasure Island

These days, Kurland has taken a bit of a back seat when it comes to Noise Pop as he works on the Treasure Island Festival as well. Teaming up with Kevin Arnold and Another Planet, Treasure Island came to fruition in 2007 and is more of Zeitgeist’s baby as the whole Zeitgeist team works it on. Like Noise Pop it is also housed in San Francisco though Treasure Island caters to the Electronica and Hip/Hop variety. Keeping up with Kurland’s success with Noise Pop, Treasure Island has been sold out for the past 2 years thus reinforcing the fact that Jordan Kurland indeed knows his stuff.

Great bands are always worth the effort to see live. To attend a phenomenal music festival is definitely something that one should experience at least once in their lifetime. You know you’re been to a great festival when everything seems effortless, and Kurland certainly knows his stuff. His aptitude for teaming great live acts to form the ultimate festival is a testament as to why Noise Pop is over 21 years old. It takes a certain person with vision to build a team to make it all happen. Judging by his twitter, Jordon Kurland has got the right mind. Considering his achievement with both Zeitgeist and Noise Pop, there’s no doubt that Kurland will continue to rock the Indie music scene.