FAULT checks out pop-up dining event BE at Buckley’s – or “Why living in London might not kill you after all”

Over the past few days, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been told that living in London is killing us. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good old-fashioned sensationalist headline as much as the next set of writers who have lost all faith in any continuing concept of journalistic integrity. That said, these things do become rather depressing after a while.

In case you were wondering, smog is apparently the big killer in London nowadays. Welcome back to Dickensian Britain folks: can I interest any of you in a Tale of Two Cities? In one of them you’re going to die from fatal asthma/bronchitis/TB/sustained exposure to fatuous pseudo-scientific commentary; the other is not called London.

Still, it’s not all bad here. Luckily for the FAULT team, our mutual friend over at Lux & Noah has kindly dropped us an invitation to an event that a) looks like a lot of fun and b) might actually improve your quality of life.

Be-at-Buckleys Invitation - social media

BE at Buckley’s is the new monthly pop-up dining event taking place at Mr Buckley’s Restaurant, 227 Hackney Road. The event is a culinary collaboration between the restaurant, chef Daryll Wilson and Tasha Bermingham (aka Tashe/BE), a highly regarded young health and well-being practitioner.

Serendipitously, the upcoming BE at Buckley’s events seem perfectly suited to the current climate, with the invitation declaring the dinners on the 15th and 22nd of April to have been influenced by “the pre-industrial way of eating”.

With dishes on offer including a Ceviche of Seabass and the intriguingly named ‘Sutton Hoo chicken two ways’, this three course meal looks to be an absolute feast – although we still wouldn’t bet against some of us holding out our bowls and asking for some more. A selection of freshly pressed juices, cocktails and bio-dynamic wines are also available for purchase on the night.

BE at Buckleys Menu (White) (Custom)
Menu for BE at Buckley’s pop-up dining event (April ’14)

Priced at just £35/head, BE at Buckley’s is unlikely to result in too many of you falling on hard times. Quite the opposite, in fact: just looking at the menu, which is free from gluten, grains, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and pasteurised dairy, makes us feel healthy without the usual high cost – both to one’s bank account and one’s taste buds.

Sensationalism aside, tickets are selling fast – we know because we’ve already gobbled up two of them for the 22nd – so be sure to pre-order yours now via Mr Buckley’s:

Mr Buckley’s
277 Hackney Rd
London E2 8NA

Web: www.mrbuckleys.com
Tel: 0203 664 0033


Words: Nicholas Nickleby
Sketches by Boz