Culinary Mischief – London’s newest gastronomic experience

It’s no secret that gastronomical extravagance is in vogue in the UK at the moment. From food markets and pop-up restaurants to an upsurge in culinary blogs and fashionable (or oft-watched, at least) TV shows, it seems that society’s defiant response to ongoing questions about weight issues has been to flood the market with good food. Key to the development of this trend has been the highlighting of the experience – be it social, sensuous or cerebral – as the most important factor of any meal out.


The problem with this approach, of course, is that it rarely leaves much room to maneuver. Inevitably, the real focal point of any dining event is bound to be the food. With that in mind, we are excited to see a relatively new pop-up restaurant return to the UK for only its second event. Culinary Mischief London, organised by Il Tocco Food, is refreshing when set against the backdrop of a myriad other contemporary ‘dining experiences’ insofar as it dares to focus primarily on the menu.

It is a sign of the times that this is now seen as break from the norm but it is fair to say that Italians will continue to speak from the heart as far as food is concerned – and Gabriele Bertaccini, head chef at Culinery Mischief, is no exception. Although theatrically themed evenings can occasionally result in raging success, all too often they can rely on gimmickry to mask deficiencies with the quality of the primary product.  By contrast, the Culinary Mischief evenings are themed only to reflect both the national and seasonal nature of the menu.

Gabriele Bertaccini, head chef at Culinery Mischief

The upcoming London event, Primavera, looks like one not to be missed – particularly after the first event last year received such widespread praise from various food critics. Taking place on April 3rd and 4th, the Primavera dinner includes six individually designed courses of the finest Italian food accompanied by six different wine pairings. Held in a unique secret location to respect the privacy of a small number (30) of like-minded guests, the evening is priced to reflect that it is set to be an intoxicating experience for true gourmands. At £175 per ticket, we are excited to see what this touch of Tuscan magic can bring back to a jaded London food scene.

The April menu will feature asparagus, artichokes, leafy greens and Italian beans, with a stated aim of maximizing flavour by using the freshest produce. April is also a month of celebration and, during Easter lunch in Italy, lamb and eggs are always served, so guests can expect to see these on the menu as well.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, (only 30 seats available) please visit