Sophie Ellis-Bextor – exclusive shoot for FAULT Issue 17 Beauty cover

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - FAULT Magazine Issue 17 - Inside Beauty cover (web)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor was shot in London by photographer Alice Luker and styled by Marika Page exclusively for FAULT Issue 17
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She first wowed us with her sharp vocals and quirky style with now-defunct band Theaudience back in 1997. Since then, Sophie Ellis Bextor has duetted with the Manic Street Preachers, released four solo albums and appeared as a contestant on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Her fifth studio album, Wanderlust, was released in January, and a tour in support of the album will get under away this year. FAULT spoke to Sophie in between gruelling ‘Strictly’ training sessions and found out about her past, present and future, what it is that she loves about French dance music and what to expect from her new album.

FAULT: You’ve had a busy year this year – completing your new album Wanderlust and now appearing on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Has it been hard being away from your family?

Sophie: The first half of the year was really nice and chilled – we actually produced my album in 10 days! I’m looking forward to Christmas with my family as Strictly has been so time-consuming, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I had to go into it thinking, ‘I’ll never get to do this again, so I have to make the most of it.’


How are you finding your time on ‘Strictly’? What have been your best and worst moments of the series?

Most of it is the best bit! It’s a lot of hard work learning all the steps but when the show starts and the music plays, something kicks in and you forget everything and just get this elated feeling. The worst part is the anticipation and nerves before going on stage, and wondering if it’ll be ‘alright on the night’, as it were.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - FAULT Magazine Issue 17 - Inside  shot 2 (Medium)
Interview by Thea de Gallier

Will you stay in touch will fellow contestants once the show has ended? Anyone you got on with particularly well?

Honestly, all of them! I speak to Abbey [Clancy] a fair amount and she’s lovely. Everyone has their guard down, there’s no cockiness as we all went into it thinking ‘What have we signed up for?’


How would you describe the sound of your latest album Wanderlust? Do you feel you’ve grown up/evolved as a musician?

It’s hard to pin down; I’m rubbish at describing the sound of my music. Someone said it sounds like the soundtrack to a Seventies Eastern-European movie! I suppose it is slightly more grown up, but it still has a bit of bounce as I love dance.

Get the full shoot and interview - only in FAULT Issue 17. Click here to order your copy for delivery worldwide!
Get the full shoot and interview – only in FAULT Issue 17.
Click here to order your copy for delivery worldwide!

Do you find it difficult juggling being a mum and a famous musician?

Yes and no – I’ve spent a large part of my career as a mother and I’ve never considered not working, so they’ve had to come along for the ride. I just sweep the kids up on a trip or to a festival; they don’t know any different. I can definitely think of worse childhoods than having people around you making music all the time, though! 




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