FAULT Favourite: Bamboo Revolution watches

Single strap Brown

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these beautiful Bamboo Revolution watches this week. It’s fair to say that it is the simplicity of the design that makes these watches so attractive. Perfectly unisex – they look great on men and women – the Bamboo Revolution watch is light as a feather (well, maybe a few feathers: it’s 21 grams) and features a rustic-looking wooden face paired with a classic soft leather strap. Although the one we picked out has a traditional single strap, Bamboo Revolution also offer quirky wrap-arounds for both men (23cm) and women (20cm).


Naturally (see what we did there?), the main talking point of the watch is its signature bamboo-made watch dial. As well as offering that currently sought-after minimalist appeal, bamboo is also a grass which grows naturally and rapidly in the wild. Throughout its growth it maintains carbon dioxide absorbent properties, which makes it an ideally sustainable material for production.


That reflects just a small part of Bamboo Revolution’s contribution to the sustainability drive. Additionally, they package the watches in totally recyclable material and also donate a percentage of their monthly proceeds to Greenpop, an urban greening and reforestation project based in South Africa, where the watches themselves are also manufactured.

Single Strap

Bamboo Revolution watches are great little pieces – light, elegant and minimalist in tone. At £59.95, the price reflects the fact that they’re not meant to replace your primary timepiece. They are, however, ideally suited for casual wear, travelling or to make an impression amongst an eco-conscious crowd. Whether you’re a wholehearted subscriber to the sustainable revolution or simply a reluctant hanger-on, these bamboo bad boys are a great way to showcase straightforward style while contributing to a greener future.

For more information, or to order your watch, visit www.bamboorevolution.co.uk