FAULT Review: Paloma Faith’s ‘Faith in Art’ exhibition with Album Artists


A little self-promotion is an essential part of an album release for most major musicians. But whilst some artists stick to the chat show circuit and others turn towards interesting technology-based additions (see Metronomy’s new single I’m Aquarius for reference,) singer Paloma Faith has sought to explore her powerful and traditional visual identity in yet more depth in her quest to better connect the ideas behind her new record with fans.


Faith has done this through an exciting new project, in collaboration with Album Artists and photographers including David Standish and Finlay MacKay, comprising of a series of striking shots entitled Faith in Art. Each photograph features the singer and is styled to loosely reflect a different song from her album, Fall to Grace. Through this bold new representation, Faith has amassed a stunning selection of fresh interpretations of her work which are now being exhibited in East London at creative hub London’s Gallery in Redchurch Street.

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful by finlay mackay
Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful by Finlay MacKay

The gorgeous shots on show were evident when FAULT caught up with all the action at the exhibition’s opening night on Wednesday 27th November. Whilst mingling with Faith herself and some of her many collaborative photographers, Paloma’s message was as dramatic and impactful as ever. Be bowled over by some of our favourites from the set here…

Fall to Grace - David Standish
Fall to Grace – David Standish
Flowers - David Standish
Flowers – David Standish

The ‘Faith in Art’ exhibition was organised by Album Artists.  For more information, please visit AlbumArtists.co.uk

Words: Kat Rutherford
Photography: Ivan Pierson (unless otherwise stated)