‘The Face’: FAULT Exclusive fashion film to accompany Issue 16’s ‘Decades’ editorial

‘The Face’ is a trio of fashion short films designed to explore the uncertainty within one’s sense of self in a contemporary consumerist society.  Each short presents ‘Faces’ of the past, with specific reference to the 1960s, 70s and 80s, to demonstrate how fashion often harks back to bygone ‘Decades’ in an effort to attain an element of stability and clear identity through hindsight.

The tension and unease which eventually comes through in each short is meant to reflect the ever-present uncertainty within our individual and societal identities in the face of our rapidly evolving environment. The individual identity clashes with that of the era; the ego goes against the epitome; the personal against the group. Even in our most mundane moments, that conflict can rise to the surface…

 ‘Decades‘, the corresponding fashion editorial shot by Louie Banks, can be seen in full in FAULT Issue 16. ‘The Face’ was directed by Jacob Harmer, with styling and creative direction by Sophie Gaten.

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…and some shots from inside the issue: