Future FAULT(S): BANKS, Rolla Olak & Pyyramids



Rolla Olak is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Rolla has released two solo albums and is credited as both songwriter and musician on over a dozen Canadian and UK releases. After touring throughout North America and Japan as a hired-gun guitar player, Olak released his self-tilted debut in 2009. Recorded by Colin Stewart (Yukon Blonde, Black Mountain), the album gained attention from Vice Records in New York and several songs were added to the VBS TV motorcycle documentary “Doin it Baja”. In 2012, Rolla completed Western Heart- Recorded by Tanis Gibbons (Sun Wizard, Capitol 6), the album features duets with Canadian songwriter, Louise Burns. His latest offering Waiting For You is out now a must listen.

Waiting For You



PYYRAMIDS are Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith. They first connected through a mutual friend and the pair struck up an email correspondence that resulted in them finding a lot of common ground in their love for the likes of The Smiths and Joy Division. They soon started sending their own musical ideas back and forth until Drea relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles and the collaboration really took shape. They released their first EP ‘Human Beings’ to much acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and followed this up with their debut album ‘Brightest Darkest Day’ which ‘Invisible Scream’ is taken from.

Invisible Scream



BANKS, is an LA based singer, songwriter that has just released her second EP, London, via iTunes. Her latest effort features four tracks. The talented artist just wrapped a tour with Weeknd and is a very fast-rising star in the indie-electronica music scene. What is often spoken about  BANKS, is her “ability to bring warmth and sensuality to these bass-heavy, mood pieces”.  A MUST LISTEN we heart you BANKS

This Is What It Feels Like