FAULT Fashion: How to Make Your Playsuit Work For You

You’ve tried onesies. You’ve given bodycon dresses a go. But it’s playsuits that you have a soft spot for. Cute, playful, sexy and stylish, playsuits are your go-to outfit for day, evening and formal wear. Here we take a look at how best to wear these delightful numbers. Once you have chosen the perfect playsuit, it’s time to make it work for the hard-earned money you have spent on it. Namely, it’s time to accessorise!

The most widely chosen accessory for a playsuit is a belt that helps accentuate the waistline; in fact many playsuits come with a belt supplied in anticipation of this very obvious accessory. The tip to bear in mind with belts is that they should be worn around the slimmest part of your midsection or on your actual waistline for the best effect. Belts are out there in all styles and materials, from single colour, wide leather sashes to understated, wafer thin, futuristic pieces.


After a belt, the next most necessary accessory is the pair of shoes to wear with the playsuit. Shoes, of course, abound in all styles, but for the casual playsuit look try out open-toed, leather wedges that look just the part. For evening wear, go high in style with simple patent leather heels that tie in with your colour scheme.

Now autumn is here, and the evenings are already chillier, another accessory to seriously consider is a fitted cardigan that can transform the overall look of your playsuit from laid-back to chic and keep you warm at the same time. On the other hand, you may like to try a radical alternative and go for a blazer. That may sound an unlikely combination, but a print playsuit with a blazer of the same material creates a really sleek, contemporary look that will make anyone look slimmer. A classic cut, navy blue blazer does just the same trick teamed up with a denim playsuit.

Jewellery can make the difference to any outfit. Why not invest in some chunky silver bangles to wear with a black playsuit? Or, for a more complex playsuit, opt for simple earrings and a dress ring. Jewellery is a very personal choice, but for evening wear, there are some very classy dress rings on the market at the moment, which effortlessly help smarten a playsuit up into an elegant evening outfit for any occasion.

Head piece: DSTM Don't Shoot the Messengers Jumpsuit: Stine Goya
Model Anna rocks this onesie by Stine Goya in FAULT Online’s Exclusive ‘Shine A Light’ shoot, photographed by Patrick Jendrusch and styled by Lisa Filippini.
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Lastly, we are faced with the choice of handbag or clutch purse. Clutch bags, we feel, look classy and simple. Why not opt for an animal print or block colour clutch purse to make a statement with the playsuit? Alternatively, there are loads of fun handbags to choose from, for instance a burgundy croc print bag would look fabulous when teamed with a black or cream playsuit.

Remember, the right accessories will make your playsuit work for you. Whether you like to look floral and feminine, or more edgy and grungey, there will be a playsuit out there to suit.