Tyra Banks – Beauty cover star for FAULT Issue 15

FAULT 15 Beauty section cover - Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks was shot by Udo Spreitzenbarth and styled by Ty-Ron Mayes for the Beauty section cover of FAULT Issue 15

Beauty, brains and business savvy are just a few words to describe the unique and incredible career of our Issue 15 star Ms. Tyra Banks, which has now spanned over two decades. In the fickle world of fashion, “making it” on any level is a tough go but, for those like Tyra, there is making it and there is taking it to another level by building a name for yourself, sustaining a career and growing a global brand built on taking chances and pushing boundaries.

FAULT Icon - Tyra Banks
Tyra also features as the opening spread for this issue as a FAULT Icon

FAULT: Tyra, does “Smize” really matter? Your catch phrases – expressions like “Random Acts of Modeling”, “Smize”, “Flawsome”, “Tooching” and, last but not least, “Fierceness” are mainstream terms now. With millions upon millions of fans globally , all of whom are paying attention to your every word, what is it like for you to be such an icon? 

Tyra: It’s great because it means that when words like “smize,” “tooch” and “flawsome” are penetrating people’s psyches, so is the larger messages behind them. Anybody can perfect the smize and give that model look. You can “tooch” your booty and work it no matter your shape or size.  And being “Flawsome” is embracing yourself and your uniqueness, flaws and all. It’s really cool to hear those words used so mainstream now. Look out for the newest catch phrase, inspired by the 20th Cycle of America’s Next Top Model: the “booch” or “boy tooch.”

How would you describe your personal style in 3 words?

Fierce, Flawsome, Beauty and Booty (Ok, that was 4 words but that sums it up!) …

FAULT 15 - Tyra Banks (inside)
This shot was inspired by Tyra’s thoughts on social media. See the whole shoot – only in FAULT Issue 15
Interview by Leah Blewitt

What is your FAULT?

Making crazy faces and not giving a damn because perfect is boring.



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