Ellie Goulding – Style cover star for FAULT Issue 15

ellie goulding - FAULT 15 Style section cover
Ellie Goulding was shot by Louie Banks at London’s Lounge Lover and Les Trois Garçons for FAULT Issue 15′s Style section cover. Styling by Harriet Charity Verney.

Ellie Goulding’s debut album, Lights (2010), established her as one of the most talented pop stars of her generation, and her recent follow up, Halcyon (2012), secured her position in the spotlight. Surrounded by Philip Treacy hats on our shoot at a swanky East London lounge, it’s fair to say that Miss Goulding has come a long way from the small, rural English country village of Lyonshall where she grew up. Ellie’s unique and spirited voice has earned her numerous awards and thousands of fans
across the globe—fans who she praises and respects as the reason for her success. She spoke to FAULT about her journey to stardom, the downside of fame and where she’s heading next.

FAULT: How have you dealt with fame?
Ellie: Not very well. I’ve experienced different levels of fame. People knowing too many things about me freaks me out. What gets me most is people believing things that aren’t true and people always having something to say about you. Gossip is incredibly powerful.
FAULT Magazine Issue 15 - Ellie Goulding (1)
You’re known for keeping in close touch with your fans. Why do you think that is important?
It’s important to acknowledge the people who have kept you where you are. Believe it or not, it’s easy to forget that it’s all down to them. Fans are the most important thing in the world, and you should never underestimate them.

How would you describe your style?

I wear a lot of black and monochrom[atic] stuff. I’m not good with colours. I was a bit of a grunger as a kid, but I also like wearing really beautiful white dresses and pearl earrings. One minute I’ll be wearing a scary anatomical hat, head-to-toe black with Doc Martins and a big chain, and the next, I’ll have a flowery dress on. My style is quite bipolar!

ellie goulding wears felder felderWhat is your FAULT?

I can be too pessimistic sometimes.



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