Big Sean – Music cover star for FAULT Issue 15

big sean - music cover
Big Sean was shot by Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold (GNL Studios) and styled by April Roomet for the Music section cover of
FAULT Issue 15

Sean Michael Anderson, better known as Big Sean, is bringing his music to the masses this year with the forthcoming release of his sophomore album, Hall of Fame. The hype around the Detroit Player started at very young age. After graduating from high school, Sean entered a local radio phone-in rap battle, won and became a regular contestant thereafter. His relationship with the radio station (Detroit’s WHTD) eventually led to Sean meeting his idol (and soon-to-be mentor), Kanye West.

The meeting of the two artists saw Kanye take on Sean as his protégé in 2005, with the latter signing to the former’s label, G.O.O.D Music, two years later. His hard work and dedication to his craft has seen Big Sean reap the rewards of that relationship with numerous releases, including his debut LP, Finally Famous, mixtapes such as Detroit and Cruel Summer and collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as Kanye West himself, Nikki Minaj, Common and, most recently, Jessie J. The result? The 25-year-old MC can now boast of a global fan base of millions. Finally Famous indeed.

FAULT: What a year for you: all that touring, recording and a clothing line coming out, too. Plus, there’s huge hype surrounding the release of Hall of Fame. How you feel about that? Any extra pressure to meet or surpass fans’ and critics’ expectations?

Big Sean: There’s always a bit of pressure with releases, but pressure is good. It’s the best music I’ve ever made. I got a chance to play the tracks to some really good tastemakers who have all had a very positive response. Plus, I know the fans are anxious to hear the tracks. I can’t wait to get it out there—it’ll be worth the wait!

How did growing up in Detroit affect your sound? What’s the music scene like there?

Well, really, Detroit is a special place to me. It just has this certain quality you can’t really explain. Detroit makes a certain type of quality people, and I’m really proud to represent.

big sean inside 1
Big Sean representing… See the whole shoot – only in FAULT Issue 15
Interview by Leah Blewitt



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