Barcelona does good fashion

If Barcelona fashion says something about Spain then it is clearly a very happy place to be!

After my first experience of Barcelona’s fashion week, I am not only impressed by the variety, but the stamina for the models to work it down the super size catwalk, in temperatures that the good old Britsh Fash Pack don’t see for our spring summer shows in February.

Thankfully, the clothes reflected the sunshine, and designers showed collections fit for the heat! Heavy on tropical prints, maxi dresses and halter necks, there were a few more edgy designs, but the majority were working the Spanish market, and with Barcelona having a reputation for getting hot, hot hot, this was reflected in the design and structure of the clothes.

With several labels specializing in more casual, there is of course something for everyone in SS14, if you just know where to look! With talent ranging from unisex matching ranges for boys and girls, to the oversized leather baseball caps and bags, the styling on all shows was nailed to a T. It is worth checking Sur, who source their fabrics from Yorkshire, and brought some class and sophisticated- and is bound to be a hit in the UK. But everything from the cartoonish to uber sleek, to retro and dramatic headpieces, meant the eclectic nature of the public can be catered for.









Krizia Roburella kicked of fashion week with a fun playful collection of bright jumpsuits, and the Spanish version of the classic school lunch box- munch bunch motif. With menswear in bold checks, women have the option to clash with turbans and coloured mirrored sunglasses. So if 1950s nostalgia is your bag, and you are fan of Margertita Pragantan, this is definitely a label to watch. Totally bananas!

Other labels followed the retro path, and taking inspiration from 1950s movie stars was Manuel Bolano, with ballerina style puffball skirts and classic Chanel and Dolce and Gabanna influences, this collection would not look out of place on the next generation Sex and the City.

Beast and Brain, offered us a summer collection which made me reminiscent of the movie The Beach. Reminiscent of heady days in 90s Ibiza, the models were a mash up of sports luxe, and the acid house culture, wearing smiley face tops, paper bag waist jeans and loose fitting shirts, perfect for a heady summer of partying.
With several designers showcasing collections for both sexes, it was great to see these working together. Alexis Rayner nailed the harlequin trend to perfection. Mixing up boys and girls in stars and diamond motifs. the womenswear selection was almost more masculine than the mens! With oversized everything, the feeling was androgynous, and both boys and girls will have access to logo-tastic football shirts and kimono tops. A fun, almost Miro-esque cartoonish collection, but if you look under the va-vavoom, some very wearable pieces…

And in contrast, the subtle sophistication of Celia Vela was defined by her glamorous silk trouser suits, harem style chiffon trousers and safari-esque suiting. The colour palatte was gentle and the nudes and blues were only disturbed by a flash of a lace inert at the back; Clearly this is for a woman who dresses for comfort and practicality and has nothing to prove. A much more grown up way of addressing summer!
Sports luxe is set to be a big hit, for those who aren’t too girly girly, with Yelise showcasing commercial streetwear. Designed for the laid back lady, the loose silk track pant shapes sat well with the knits and tassles. Oversized macramé waistcoats complemented the pretty floaty dresses, and giant bags; a practical nod to working a sophisticated summer in the city.

Barcelona fashion week would not be over without a mention of the King of Bling, Mr Custo Barcelona himself! A show worth flying over for alone, the brand did not fail to disappoint. It would have worked equally well in Cannes, with the girls sashaying down the harbor, with the peacock prints and metallic cottons, mixing up with too cool baseball caps, cute jumpsuits in tropical prints and his jungle fever collection. Not for the faint hearted, but there were some slightly more refined sarongs and separates for the conservative shopper.

And with a whole show dedicated to swimwear, Guillermina Baeza sent out models with endless legs, in uber high heels wearing more styles of beach wear than I would have thought possible!! I am grateful this was my last for the season. It is now time to work the bikini body and look forward to in store for next season, from the cream of Barcelona’s design crop.

Thanks for having me, 080 Barcelona. Muchos gracias!

By Sara Darling