Only Child is out of this World!

If statement jewellery is your thing, you might already know about Only Child.. However the cool, eclectic and undoubtedly unique pieces are a fairly new addition to the London scene, so you will be forgiven if you have not discovered them yet!

OC product cuff


Created by artist and designer Kelly Jackson, her influences are clearly from her background in fashion, her travels and interest in ancient cultures.

With a fascination of the weird and wonderful, her first collection explores death and sex which she has cleverly fused this into the core design of the brand.

OC product asteroid neck

Kelly works from her studio in East London, and each piece is handmade and organically mashes up quartz ‘asteroids’, which collide with Titanium, metallic spikes and 18k gold plated ancient curiosities on chains. You can find spikes nestling next to teaspoons, next to skulls, which allows each necklace, bracelet or ring to be unique, and have a personal touch, and personality of its own.

Unusual, unique, and wearable- this is jewellery to wear if you are a jewellery lover! Already been snapped on celebs incuding Jamie Winstone, Mary Cherteris and the girls from Stooshie. Definitely worth checking out if you want to buy into something that is out of this world!

OC product asteroid box bracelet

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OC product zigzag neck

By Sara Darling