Stylist Marika Page

FAULT Stylist Marika Page shot by Andrew Hiles

Stylists are, without a doubt, the unsung heroes of the fashion world.  Pulling together seemingly incongruous pieces from the constant influx provided by high end and up-and-coming designers can be a daunting task – and that’s without taking into account the often difficult celebrity shoots!  Freelance stylist Marika Page is undoubtedly one of the most exciting young talents on FAULT‘s editorial team, and was recently recognised with a place as runner-up in Rankin’s national styling contest.  With that in mind, we thought we’d try and get an insight into her history and what makes her tick…


Marika Page styled Daisy Lowe for the FAULT Issue 14 front and Beauty section cover

FAULT: How did you first get involved in styling?

Marika: I had a career in law, but wanted a change and was reading a lot of fashion blogs.  One of them had an advert for a styling course describing the attributes of a stylist. I thought, “Hey, that’s me!”.  It was a powerful revelation, as I’d never considered styling as a career.  But my instincts were right and I’ve never looked back.


What made you decide to enter the Rankin styling contest?

I was excited when I saw the competition advertised, as I love Rankin’s work, and The Hunger Magazine.  I’m proud of my work but was intrigued to know how it rated against other stylists in the industry.  I’m grateful to Rankin, his wife Tuuli, and On/Off for holding the competition – as far as I know, it’s the first of it’s kind for stylists.  And of course being featured on Hunger TV was a great platform to gain exposure to a wider audience.




Who or what are your main inspirations?

It depends on who my clients are.  For celebrities or musicians, I take inspiration from their personalities or music to get a feel for their tastes and what direction they could go in to enhance their visual image.  The designers’ collections themselves are also a wonderful source of inspiration.  When working for a magazine, I am inspired by collections that reflect the tone of the publication and its desired affiliations.  For personal styling, I ask my clients some questions, to get a sense of what styles they would like.  The inspirations have come from them – I just help to channel them.


Louis Roe for FAULT Issue 12 (styling by Marika Page)

Would you say your styling work is a reflection of your personal style?

I’m versatile as a stylist and because of that, not all my work is reflective of my personal style.  I style to fit the brief – which at times is determined by the photographer or magazine.  But where I’ve initiated a shoot myself you can see my styling preference throughout, as I’ve chosen the concept, team, location, as well as designers.  For instance, Louise Roe for FAULT Issue 12 and my last editorial for Essential Homme Magazine, March/April ’13.  As for what I wear – at the moment I have a passion for vintage dresses (seemingly all kinds!).


What do you look for in the people you collaborate with?

I prefer to work with people who are talented, as well as friendly and professional.  I like to know that the team trust me with the styling, as I trust them in their roles.  I’m looking to collaborate with photographers, designers and stores who are producing campaigns, as that’s a field I’m currently moving into.  I’d also like to collaborate with key title publications to style freelance for their promotions pages.




Who would be your dream person to style and why?

Cara Delevingne, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicholas Hoult – all great talent and British ambassadors.  Grace Jones would be the ultimate (not that she needs a stylist!).


Which designers would you say are “ones-to-watch” for the future?

Agi & Sam, in particular, have this ‘wow’ factor – I featured their amazing prints in a menswear editorial last year.  The magazine gave us the cover too – it was my first cover, so I was thrilled!


Many people would argue that styling for editorials is an art form. Would you agree?

Definitely, although unlike other visual art, it’s a collaborative effort.  The role of a stylist is similar to that of a DJ in the sense that you ‘mix’ the work of other artists – the designers, to produce a new, more stimulating interpretation.  An editorial doesn’t demand too much of an audience’s time yet has the power to captivate, surprise and delight within a few seconds.   Curating the designers and mixing trends, especially ones that seemingly don’t go well together, is a highly skilled task – whilst people often believe it’s all fallen into place ‘naturally’ rather than styled.  This is an art!


Marika also styled Grizzly Bear for FAULT Issue 12

Do you feel that having a good sense of style is important in life?

Of course – although style goes beyond fashion, and is about expressing your personality.  Developing your own style with or without a stylist’s help, is worthwhile because when you express yourself in your desired light, you feel great and attract the right people towards you.  I guess it’s a kind of personal ‘branding’ (which I mean in a positive way!).


What has been your most memorable shoot thus far in your career?

Daisy Lowe for FAULT Magazine, Spring, Issue 14 – she was simply breathtaking!  I’ve wanted to style her for a while so I was really excited.  Daisy is an incredible model and her exclusive interview, including her comments on women and body image, is wonderful.  This issue of FAULT is the best I’ve ever seen – ‘must have’ Spring reading!


What is your FAULT?

Sometimes I wish I could plan better, and that my days resembled some sort of routine!


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Interview by Maya Hambro