‘Animal Spirit’ – the incredible mural/illustration exclusive editorial for FAULT Issue 14

We loved this shoot from our Spring ’13  issue (FAULT Issue 14 : The Taste Issue) so much that that we had to share it all again online! Take another look below, or get it in print, along with exclusive features with the likes of  Daisy Lowe, Zach Braff, Kate Nash, Max Irons and more, from the Issues page.


animal spirit_Page_1 (Medium)
Pants by Adddress, blouse by Pugnat and jewelry and shoes by Paula Knorr
animal spirit_Page_2 (Medium)
Clockwise from top left: 1) Dress by Pugnat and earrings by Paula Knorr; 2) dress and top by Paula Knorr and shoes by Pugnat; 3) leggings and bodysuit by Paula Knorr, jacket and skirt by Carocora, necklace by Jellah and shoes by Emilia Tikka.
animal spirit_Page_3 (Medium)
Dress by Emilia Tikka and stylist’s own shoes
animal spirit_Page_4 (Medium)
Bodysuit by Paula Knorr, necklace and ring by Theresa Brar, shoes by Eimilia Tikka and jacket by Maniko
animal spirit_Page_5 (Medium)
Top: Leggings and bodysuit by Paula Knorr, jacket by Karin Rising and shoes by Emilia Tikka
Bottom: dress and top by Paula Knorr and shoes by Pugnat.
animal spirit_Page_6 (Medium)
Panties and shoes by Paula Knorr and vest by AVR
animal spirit_Page_8 (Medium)
Top: Shoes and hat by Pugnat, jewellery by Jellah and dress by Adddress.
Bottom: Leggings by Paula Knorr, jacket by Emilia Tikka
and stylist’s own shoes.

Styling assistant CHIARA HOFFMAN
Post-production GAËLLE CORREA
Illustration GAËLLE CORREA