Exclusive Kate Nash Interview for FAULT Issue 14

You can spend your life biting down on one thing. You can waste all of your time on one idea. You can get your little brain into one big mess.” Kate Nash’s third album, Girl Talk, unravels with these words, and in so many ways, it’s telling as to why she chose to transform herself so much, so fast.

Kate Nash
photography VICTORIA STEVENS, styling LISA NGUYEN, hair/makeup LYDIA FOSTER


FAULT: Does it worry you that existing fans might fade away while you’re accumulating new ones with this big change?

Kate: For me, the previous albums were time capsules.  Even with the new album, that’s what it is.  It’s not like I can’t relate to it after it’s in the past, because I do, and I can enjoy [fans] looking at them in that way.

Your music videos have been at the forefront along with your music since the very beginning. We all perked up when we saw your collaborations with Kinga Burza, who directed many of your earlier videos. How did that come about?

Back at the time, Kinga was very influential, but right now I’m working with Lee Jones.  I feel like I’ve made the best videos that I’ve ever done with him.  I feel like we’ve connected very easily, and you find people where you don’t have to talk about all the details because you just make that connection.  I just shot the video for “3AM”, and I think it’s the best one that we’ve done.

Why the powerful anthems for women now with Girl Talk?
I think it has always been there.  I have always wanted to empower women.  I think it has a lot to do with ageing, too.  I’m older now, and I feel more in control of what I’m doing.  I have my own label now, too.  It takes time to figure out who you are and who you want to work with.

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