Daisy Lowe: Behind the Scenes for FAULT Issue 14

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From Vogue to Playboy and from Chanel to Agent Provocateur, it seems that there isn’t a magazine cover or fashion campaign in the world that has not, at one time or another, featured the remarkable Daisy Lowe. She is, arguably, as close to a genuine supermodel as this decade has ever truly known. Up until now, at least, with Cara Delevigne currently enjoying the fickle focus of the fashion world.  Daisy’s enduring popularity, however, makes the majority of today’s ‘bright young things’ seem as transient as sunshine during a British Spring. Still only 24, the plain-spoken North Londoner can already boast a CV to match the best there has ever been. What’s more, she can still claim to be at the very top of her game, as recent work for the likes of Stephen Webster and Tommy Hilfiger attests.

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Daisy Lowe was shot by Louie Banks and styled by Marika Page exclusively for FAULT Issue 14. get your copy of the issue HERE

FAULT: What has been your favourite experience so far?

Daisy: Working with Pat McGrath for the first time was an amazing milestone, as was shooting Italian Vogue with Steven Klein. He is such a genius with a complete heart of gold. I was 17 when I first started shooting with him and he really made me feel very comfortable in my own skin and celebrated my curves.

Walking for Vivienne Westwood for the first time was massive too. It was her first show back in London after years of being in Paris. She walked in when they were doing the makeup and just went, “What’s going on here? They need to look more, more, more something” , and then just said, “Can I take your pallet?” to this poor little assistant and just grabbed it, dug her hands into it and came over to me and put it all over my face!

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You often speak about having a healthy body image. What would be your key piece of advice to people struggling with this?

I think a healthy body image is really important. It’s really difficult because there’s so much pressure to be really skinny. My advice to young girls would always be this: if, when you look in the mirror, you can’t see anything you like, make yourself [like it]. Make yourself self-love. That’s the only way you can actually be happy. I had to start very small going, ‘Well, I quite like my feet’, and then everyday I had to find something else. Women are extraordinary creatures, and everyone should be celebrated for who they are.

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