This past weekend, on the very fitting holiday 4/20, Dalston-based TEETH performed at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY. Known for their many Internet stunts, the band has become a notorious group of Internet misfits who did the unthinkable of hacking into Lady Gaga’s twitter. This would be their first show in the states since their Pope Benedict XVI prank, and many dedicated fans came out on Saturday to see what they would pull next.


Once the trio hit the stage Veronica started taking pictures of the audience with a small digital camera, setting a peculiar but intriguing mood to the performance. When the music began, Veronica went straight into her riot grrl attitude and vocals over brash electronic melodies. The combination of live drums, noisy electronic beats and hardcore vocals gave off a nerd-punk vibe that was really working for the crowd that was dancing violently beside me. Like a true punk, lead girl Veronica thrashed around in the crowd to heighten the excitement in the room.


Crowd pleasers like “See Spaces” and “Flowers” were performed that lit the crowd up, and we even got a sneak preview of what’s next for TEETH with a new song, where they teased each other to not screw up while performing. With the combination of smoke machines, epilepsy-inducing lights and the high-energy performance, one would feel as if on an acid trip halfway through.


After almost losing a contact, a Stella-Artois, and a song dedicated to me, they closed with a lower-key number where Veronica performed the first half sitting on the edge of the stage.


TEETH is anything, if not entertaining to see live, and I was told by Veronica that his has been one of their tamer shows since a mosh pit never broke loose. Although mosh pit free, the intimate show never lulled and kept the crowd going. They are a must-watch band, via the Internet for their hijinks, and live for a good time.

 –Kathleen Tso