Sykur -Mesopotamia



First International EP Release for Sykur ‘Mesopotamia’ -29th April

Mesopotamia is a boiling pot of fun party anthems, dark brooding melodies and simply beautiful tunes.  Bringing together pop, art and fashion Sykur are focused on music that inspires people to let go and dance.

Sykur are an electronic music group from Iceland.  Halldór, Kristján and Stefán began as a trio in 2008, their first album instantly becoming a local hit the following year.  Agnes joined as vocalist in 2011 to complete the band.  Her unique attitude and general fabulousness resembles that of Courtney Love.

Centred in Reykjavik they have made a big impact of the music scene, collaborating with the likes of Peaches, Casiokids and Kleerup as well as local acts.  They regularly make an appearance at the famous Iceland Airwaves festival.  Last year they performed in front of the crowd of 2000 people.  In addition, as a result of their success at Great Escape in Brighton, they are expected to return there soon too.  They have big shoes to fill with fine talent such as Björk, Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men and Gus Gus …to name a few, emerging from the same part of the world.

Mesopotamia by Sykur


1. Messy Hair

2. Curling

3. Battlestar

4. Feit

5. Hvitvin

Described as “a swirling synth adventure, loaded up with a deep bassline, sultry vocals and the perfect smattering of bit-pop” these synth riffs and detached vocals will surely have you hooked.


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Words by Joelle Thurston