Now where did I leave my coconuts…..?

Who doesn’t love a turban?? The delicate piece of head topiary can transform your outfit into something Carmen Miranda in a mere click of your coconuts!

But it doesn’t have to be brash to be beautiful. ShopFloorWhore designer Siobhan Hogan is a design (and shopping) addict and has no desire to give up. Each collection has drawn more attention than the last, and is a current fave of Jessie J who was sporting one of the creations in her Domino video.

The current collection is influenced by the 90s rave scene, coupled with the Tokyo craze of Kwaii, and with a mash-up like that you can find something cute enough to throw on, whilst throwing your moves on the dance floor!



Made from the soft-est lambskin, vintage silks sourced from Paris and a token bit of studding, each turban is a statement, and can be worn by boys and girls, the more glamorous and flamboyant the better! Inspired by print, colour clash and sequins, the turbs are ideally worn with diamante accessories- with Siobhan coming from the fashion school of more is more- think New York drag balls and you’re on the right lines! But they are not only or show offs, with Paloma Faith and Noel Fielding on her hit list, we wanna be in her gang!!

Check them out for yourself on the Mrs Jones Emporium, Lucy in Disguise Pop Up, Claudia Pink in Liverpool, Ateej Vintage in Qatar, UAE and ChinaPig online, as well as Asos Marketplace.

With prices from £30 to £150, you can grab one for every occasion!

By Sara Darling