ARA – exclusive photoshoot & interview for FAULT Issue 14 (Spring ’13)

Celebrating the release of his new single ‘Addicted’, one of 2013’s hottest new singers Ara is featured in FAULT Issue 14 with an exclusive spread. Fresh on the pop scene, Ara is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Having been a dancer on the Australian entertainment circuit and two times National Capital DanceSport Champion, Ara made the decision to hang up his dance shoes and move to Europe to bring his dreams to life as a recording artist. His music is fresh & upbeat with a European verve and his rapidly growing fan base is testament to his increasing popularity.

Ara wears a shirt and tuxedo by himself, shot exclusively for FAULT Issue 14.
Ara wears a shirt and tuxedo designed by himself, shot exclusively for FAULT Issue 14.

Check out Ara’s steamy new music video for ‘Addicted’:


FAULT: Ara, not everyone has your determination to succeed. What was the biggest sacrifice you had to make in order to pursue your dreams?

Ara: One thing I’ve learnt in life is that to gain something, you must sacrifice another thing. That’s just the way the forces operate. As a dancer, I sacrificed many celebrations including friends’ birthdays to be training at the studio. Now as a singer, I left my loved ones to base myself in Europe in order to further my career. I’m lucky in a sense, that it’s all paid off.

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Look out for Ara in FAULT Issue 14 (Spring 2013)!


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