Marika Page – one of FAULT’s Fashion Editors and Freelance Stylist – presents a round-up from this year’s London Collections: Men. 

2 minute Q&A:

FAULT: Stand-out show? M: Richard Nicoll for wearability but also exciting show pieces like his silver jumpsuit!  Celebrating post-punk ‘no-wave’ rebellion featuring beanies and paint splashed prints.

Best newcomer? Xander Zhou for hitting all the right trends:  Typography (his ‘boys will be boys’ sweaters), long coats and colour ‘accenting’ against black.
Weirdest item/style/pattern? Christopher Kane’s Frankenstein graphic prints, J.W. Anderson’s bandeau tops and ruffled shorts, and Sibling’s mushroom shaped hats.
Top piece of advice for stylists looking forward to Autumn/Winter? Look to Katie Eary‘s show for how winter florals can be made to look masculine.
General advice on styles to look for/avoid? Long coats, bomber jackets, combining sports wear and tailoring, colour ‘accenting’ red and black, typography, holographic, and oversized wear.  A major presence of bright orange presented in the collections which personally I would avoid (as it’s so difficult to wear!).

Images sourced from,, and Fashion156.