Christy Lee Rogers: Reckless Unbound


Before you start yelling Photoshop, just know that photographer Christy Lee Rogers is not associated with the image enhancement program. Blurring the lines between photography and painting, Rogers’ work are beautifully warm examples of what a camera can do when stretched to its limits. Produced in water and at night, Rogers photographs her subjects at night as they are submerged in the waters of Hawaii. Channeling the Baroque aesthetic with her images, the artist takes photography to a completely new level with her latest collection called Reckless Unbound. 

On show in Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year, Fault gives you a sneak peek at some of the images that will be exhibited from the Hawaiian born artist. Capturing reality in such a poetic way, Reckless Unbound transforms viewers to a near fantastical era, one where the ephemeral is as celebrated as life itself.

To see more of Christy Lee Rogers work visit her site here.


All images courtesy of Christy Lee Rogers

Post first published Apr 30, 2012 @ 6:00pm GMT