Topher Grace is our Men’s cover star for FAULT Issue 12

Topher Grace featured in Fault Issue 12 photographed by Dove Shore.
Styling by Luke Storey
Styling Assistance by Lexyss Jon
Grooming by Natalia Bruschi at the wall group
Prop Styling by Michael Coleman

Topher Grace is known for his mixture of charm, wit and boy-next-door sex appeal, but at the end of the day, he’s as nice as he is funny. The thing is, Grace makes people laugh, and if his career up to this point could be structured as a joke, this fall would be the punch line.

Most actors typically become—for lack of a better word—“famous” because: one, they’re talented (well, most of the time); two, they work hard their entire lives; or, three, they study and go to fancy schools. Regardless, they’re all just waiting for that perfect role, the role that will catapult them to magazine-cover stardom.

Others, like Topher Grace, are simply raw talents that land a role in a high school play, perform in front of the right audience—including the likes of television producers Bonnie and Terry Turner (who, at the time, were best known for creating ‘Third Rock From the Sun’)—and then, only a year later, find themselves auditioning in California for their own television show.

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