Grizzly Bear for Fault Issue 12

Brooklyn Rockers Grizzly Bear shoot for Fault Issue 12, Photographed by Shunichi Oda
Styling by Marika Page
Grooming by Satoru Yanagawa
Styling Assistance by Maya Hambro

One thing (amongst many) that fans have grown to appreciate about Grizzly Bear is their keen ability to create atmospheric rock music that combines mainstream pop appeal with indie rock tendencies.

With each Grizzly Bear album, the band travels to isolated locations to write and record simultaneously instead of going into a studio with a slew of songs prepared. Shields saw them follow the same routine— with a stint of creation each in Texas, Cape Cod and New York—only this time the boys brought more of their individuality to the table as they continue to mature as a group. The end result is ten tracks chockfull of cutting cords, nostalgic folk percussions and intricate synths mixed with Rossen’s trademark, breathy vocals.

We sat down with [Daniel] Rossen in New York (prior to our shoot in London) to talk about the new record, going back on tour after a break from the road and what it’s like growing musically as a group.

FAULT: So you’re heading off to London soon to promote your new record, Shields?

DANIEL: Yeah, we’re in upstate [New York] now, and we leave in a week-and-a-half to do a couple of shows there. We’re just rehearsing right now …

What was the recording process like for this album—anything different?

It was very much like the other ones. We like to find a place that’s our own. This time we started off in West Texas for, like, a month. We … got the ball rolling there about a year ago [and] just kind of reacquainted ourselves with what we were doing. It was kind of an on-and-off, sporadic process that [lasted] for about a year.

What have you been doing to prepare?

Right now we’re just preparing for our first round of festival shows [before the tour]—we’ve just been rehearsing every day. We can’t wait to get back out there.

Don’t worry, Dan’s individual shot is on the preceeding page…


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