FAULT vs 2NE1 – full spreads + our favourite outtakes & fan art

Just a quick post to thank all the fans of 2NE1 for their support over the last couple of days!

Remember, you can still get your extra-special print edition with the girls delivered to your doorstep from this link. Our Facebook fans can also still take advantage of our discount offer for the next 24 hours – so make sure to order soon! If you’re country isn’t listed on our sales partners website, you can email them to add it – FAULT is delivered worldwide via DHL Global Mail.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, we’ve included the full spreads as they appear in print below – along with some of our favourite outtakes (courtesy of photographer Giuliano Bekor) and fan art (as reposted by YGLadies):






..and your fan art(!):

(Fan art credits from YGLadies: eromaknaetattooedmusicmx-kryssfantasticfloreschaelinahshoot-forthe-starslove-shockminzy-ps,yghighkimhimechan,x02081123aranyeaeonjekajiim-walkin-out-of-destinykamiira50shadesofchartreuseladyevilent,nazwiskotonieimieallthoseprettyfaces mame-v, chartworkerkimvip7smile-its-new-day2NE1inmyheart)