FAULT Favourite: Quiquiriqui authentic mezcalaria

No, mezcal is not the stuff that fuelled the characters in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson’s seminal ode to excess. It still makes you feel pretty great, though – perhaps not so much Fear and Loathing as Love and Laughing.

The FAULT team had a blast when we made it down to the opening night of Quiquiriqui, London’s first authentic mezcalaria, on Hackney Road last week. Located underneath a kebab shop (the excellent Golden Grill – perfect for post-mezcal drunken indulgences) in East London, the pop-up bar trades primarily in the unique spirit, imported directly from Mexico. Imagine a speakeasy transposed to contemporary East London, add a pinch of a gritty East Berlin underground vibe and a twist of hard liquor that goes down like a dream and kicks like a mule – all at the same time – and you’ll have some idea of what goes on at Quiquiriqui. Trying to describe the spirit itself is a challenge, simply because there is so much variation in type.

Each mezcal is made – crafted, if you like, in an almost artisanal fashion – by means of a traditional technique but from a variety of different agave plants. The bar prides itself on having a wide selection of ‘proper’ mezcals and describes the sensation of drinking every one – from the softest to the most full-bodied – as being “more primal, more visceral, more grrrrr than most things you will have drunk before”. Judging from the behaviour of some previously clean-cut journos at the opening event, we at FAULT can attest to that. Simply put: imagine tequila that doesn’t taste like shit (far from it), something with a variety of flavours almost akin to fine wines, and you’re half way there…

Quiquiriqui boasts some phenomenal cocktails, excellent Mexican beers and, above all, a one of a kind selection of mezcal shots that even the most hardened drinkers will revel in. All of that plus an atmosphere to match makes it a firm FAULT Favourite. See you in the mezcal den, fellas! Remember to get a doctor’s note ready for your boss in the morning…

Mezacaleria Quiquiriqui is located underneath The Golden Grill, 184 Hackney Road E2 7QL London

TIMES: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6.00pm – late // Friday & Saturday 6pm – 2.30am

FIND & FOLLOW: quiquiriqui.co.uk twitter.com/quiquimezcal facebook.com/mezcaleriaquiquiriqui

Quiquiriqui are also doing a Day Of The Dead Festival next week at the bar from 1-4 November with music, dancing and Mezcal across the 4 days! Check it out: