Chew Lips for FAULT Issue 12

UK electro-pop duo Chew Lips feature in FAULT Issue 12. Chew Lips were shot by Annick Wolfers

FAULT: What are you excited about for the new record?

Tigs (Chew Lips): It’s been finished since March; I just want to hear people’s reaction to it. As with our first album, it’s a personal record: It’s about stuff that [we] were thinking and feeling, so we hope that other people connect with that …

Do you feel like that’s something you particularly aim for in your music— connecting with people?

I just think that, in any human interaction, you want people to understand what you’re trying to communicate. Not to have to tell every detail of your life, but for people to say, ‘Yeah, I like this song because it means something to me’. That’s as much as you can hope for in your music …

Your name sounds like a euphemism for a bad kiss. Any tales of bad kisses?

There are a surprising number of bad kissers around, don’t you think? I snogged some guy a couple of weeks ago, and he didn’t have a clue what he was doing. If someone can’t kiss you, they are not going to be a good shag. Fact. We like that name on a couple of levels: It sounds a bit dirty, a bit druggy and it’s also a really bad pun!


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