FAULT Finds… Secret Emporium @ Secret Garden Party 2012

For a few years now, style mavens Lucy and Tess have been doing their thing to empower young and original designers struggling to get their heads above water in the sea of creative talents.

FAULT crossed this dynamic collective at Secret Garden Party 2012, another wonderful organization which has long supported the growth and the cause of the girls, who work under the guise of Secret Productions.

This year the Collective has launched an impressive pavilion known as the Secret Emporium-designed to expose curious and fashion-conscious festival goers to some of the freshest new bespoke items from around the sartorial milieu. Glasses of champagne in hand, we accompanied organizers Tess and Emma around the tent, to browse the riot of colour, feathers, and eclectically dressed vendors and get a better sense of this unique and vibrant happening.

Principal: The Secret Emporium supports young designers from around to UK, who wouldn’t necessarily have had the funding or the knowledge to showcase themselves. As part of this collective, the designers are given the space to sell their products amongst a range of similarly original talents.

Who and How? The two principal organizers of Secret Emporium and Secret productions are Tess and Lucy, two multi-faceted Londoners who dabble in numerous creative pursuits. Before Secret Productions the two had their own jewellery line and art curation enterprises respectively, but now this collective consumes yet more of their time and seems to be taking a very encouraging upwards trajectory.

Some Noteworthy Designers: Whilst the entire tent of offerings was fantastic (we wanted it all!) these particular gems caught our eyes a little longer than most…

E A Burns

This young designer has been really forthcoming in the development of her eponymous geometric jewellery label. The bright and modern designs often take the form of pendants and 3D shapes that hang from earrings and bracelets.

FAULT FAVOURITE: The irresistibly of-the-season collar clips in a variety of silvery shapes.

 Puckoo Couture

Home to an extensive and surprising selection of acidic standout pieces I can imagine would once have been championed by Mr Bowie, (and more recently a certain Mr Fielding). This label uses a range of colourful and hi-tech materials.

FAULT FAVOURITE: the jumpsuits. Once you find and squeeze into your size these things feel just like a second skin. It would be so so easy to comfortably pass three or four days inside.


Bad festival hair? Exhibitionist tendencies? Look no further than FuudHoods, who produce a wide range of extrovert hats and hoods which instantly brighten up outfits. Created by hand (and toting wicked fashion shoots on the website), visit and click if you desire a quick way to inject a little slice of craziness to your festival wardrobes, and beyond…

Her Curious Nature

Taking us back into the fantasy world of princesses, the bespoke hair accessories at Her Curious Nature are artisanally crafted to revive or complete a look. For those looking for a regal piece of ornamentation to cement their statuses as queens of the festival, here would be the place to find it.

For more details on the work of Lucy and Tess and their associated designers, go to www.secretemporium.com

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