Prim versus Proper with A La Disposition

With weather like today, it is not difficult to look forward to the “Great British Winter”, and what better, than to get layered up in the A La Disposition AW 12 collection, which nods to ye olde Dickensian London.

If you’re a fan of the avant garde, and don’t shy away from drama in your wardrobe, there’s a big possibility you will fall in love with the eccentricities of the American design duo’s latest collection.

Named “Into the Gathering Dusk”, the romance of each piece is obvious; Every item is carefully constructed with the silhouettes reminiscent of the good old days when chivalry was alive and prim was proper. Outlines of the jackets resemble the crows at the Tower of London’s feathers, with the buttons representing eyes… And the muted colours epitimose long dark, traditionally chilly 18th century winters- not unlike now I prophesise….?

Since its launch in 2005 in the US, husband and wife design team, Lynda and Daniel Kinne have created dramatic, dreamlike and flamboyant showpieces; And the AW12 collection is no exception. The collection is made to complement the more subdued pieces in your wardrobe; Or if you are a true style queen, you can wear the whole shebang!

By Sara Darling