Gildas & Jerry release kitsuné’s latest compilation, Soleil, just in time for summer to really get started — featuring Citizens! (pictured below), Housse De Racket, The Rapture, M83, Friendly Fires and more. We chatted with the Paris-based duo about making the album, the music label and creating the clothing line Masion Kitsuné.



FAULT: One of the things Kitsuné is known for are these famous compilation albums. When did they come about and what was the idea behind them?

GILDAS: Ideas behind the kitsuné compilations is to gather music we love around us… Making compilations is a very good exercise and formula to still be focused and curious about the new scene. We get the opportunity to discover so many artists and bands through the compilations. Some of them stay at Kitsuné afterwards for their full-length album (like Two Door Cinema Club and Citizens!).

You tend to feature a range of up-and-coming names and more mainstream names… Do you hope to widen listener’s range of music by doing so?

JERRY: Of course. As far as I’m concerned, the idea is always to subvert the mainstream. Attract attention to artists that are a little more genuine and original. It’s great if Kitsuné can give people access to artists they wouldn’t normally come across. But above all, it’s about what we like and believe in, famous or not — I’m sure Gildas won’t disagree — the rest doesn’t really matter that much. It’s truly about sharing the emotions we first felt.

Is there a method to how you balance out the selected songs and track listing?

JERRY:  A mixtape or DJ set is like a little musical travel, or story. You line up different moods and try to piece them together effectively. There are highs and lows, punchy, groovy moments as well as sensual, moving pauses. It’s difficult to explain… a bit like cooking many ingredients and flavors… It’s more about the experience you get from it.

This latest Soleil mix is full of amazing summer tunes. During what summer situations do you suggest people pop on the album?

JERRY: I would unquestionably recommend it to lovers, particularly for holidays, day or night. Perfect for house parties too, a kinda’ soulful clubbing experience that’s not taking the listener for a moron.

Are there any new artists on this album that you are really excited about?

GILDAS: Kitsuné’s latest protégés Citizens! will go a long way. Their debut album (produced by Franz Ferdinand’s singer) is brilliant. So is Housse de Racket, hopefully the next French band to conquer the world. Moonlight Matters is a sympathetic Belgian with a unique sound. Logo too, two smart Parisian boys with an appetite for electronic music. Lots of exciting talented musicians in fact…

JERRY: Friendly Fires, Adamski and Jupiter are big faves. But I’m also really into Plastic Plates, Pharaoh Black Magic or Reflex. Saying this, I love every single track on here. Psychemagik did a superb remix of Metronomy, same with Trentemøller remixing M83’s “Midnight City.” This mix’s got all the Kitsuné flavors: catchy indie-pop, sexy electro-disco, bit of funky rave…

What are your favorite things about summertime?

GILDAS: With the sun on everything look a way more beautiful

JERRY: The distant sound of lawnmowers and the smell of freshly cut grass. Closed school gates. Climbing trees for cherries. Lying down by the pool with just your feet in the water. Eating al fresco. Getting stoned on the beach. Picking up winkles on the rocks. Melon on a daily basis.

Kitsuné has such a roundup of amazing talents and you’ve also incorporated a fashion element into the label. What are your ideas behind music and fashion running in similar lanes?

GILDAS: The idea is to make a proper music label and not only pretend to do so (which we are doing well) and also make proper clothes that aren’t just a merchandising line for the music label. Our Maison Kitsuné line would be able to be living on its own. We are very careful about the product, the fabric, the manufacturing too… It is classic and timeless, but very modern.

You both worked together on BoomBox and Ponystep, anything else in the works?

JERRY: Who knows? I’m already helping out here and there… Kitsuné’s vision attracted me from the word go. It deeply clicked with my take on pop music. For my part, our friendship provides a constant source of inspiration. I’ve learned a lot from Gildas. He’s one, of a small group of friends, who’ve proved to me you could be successful, make money and still be passionate, honest and true to yourself.

What is your FAULT?

GILDAS: I’m always thinking I’m the best DJ in the world.

JERRY: Too idealistic.