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Designer Dennis Buchanan’s collection boasts both quality and fashion to his clients. Founded in November 2008, The D. Buchanan Collection consists of high end, luxury men’s neck wear and accessories. With carefully thought out designs tailored for the distinguished, modern gentlemen, products are geared towards the fashion conscious who understands the relevance and importance of his personal image and guise. FAULT recently caught up with the New York City based Designer and found out about his inspirations behind the collection, plans for expansion of the label and insights on his clients needs.


FAULT: Dennis how are you doing?

Dennis: I’m pretty great! Finally summer in the city, so I’m enjoying it!


FAULT: What made you decide to start The D. Buchanan Collection?

Dennis: Working in the corporate world, I found it was very easy for your fashion identity to get lost in the shuffle. I found myself abiding by companies’ strict business professional dress codes, and everyone started to look alike with their suits, slacks, white button up shirts. I thought despite the fact that we have to adhere to these rules, what’s a great way for men especially in the work place to make a fashion statement and maintain their personality and identity in a professional environment. The simple touches accessories make, really helped to communicate and state our differences and personalities while maintaining the corporate dress code. It started there, and spawned into creating an entire line dedicated to helping men make fashion statements through accessories.


FAULT:  How has living in NYC effected your overall aesthetic as a designer? 

Dennis: New York City oozes inspiration when it comes to fashion. Because of the diversity in cultures, and people fashion and style are ever changing and evolving. I see people wearing your regular item of clothing, or wearing one of the trends in so many different ways, and it constantly has my creative juices flowing.

The D. Buchanan Collection Spring/Summer 2012


FAULT: Can you tell us some unique features about the collection?

Dennis: One thing we pride our pieces on is the quality. We want to give our clients the feeling of luxury, and give them a sense of pride and prestige when sporting a D. Buchanan piece, so we strive to use the best quality fabrics. We’d like for our clients to wear their legacy through the D. Buchanan Collection.

Another unique feature is our tie boxes made to match each of our designs. When we hand people a tie in the box, we always love to see their impressed reaction!


FAULT: What are some influences behind your collection?

Dennis: The influences behind the Collection are pretty vast. We may see something in a fashion magazine, or something on television that will prompt a creative idea. The fashion on the streets of NYC also help to draw up some great inspiration!


FAULT: How involved are you with the production of the line? Is it locally made?

Dennis: I am very involved with the pre-production I over see what new items will be coming out for the Collection. I’m involved in everything from the color selection, the patterns, fabrics. I also ensure that all products are of top quality. Right now samples are made local, but our bulk orders are not.


FAULT: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

Dennis: I’d have to say my favorite piece from the Collection at the moment is the “Abraxas” white ceramic watch. It’s great for the summer, and works with almost every outfit.


FAULT: Who would be your dream client to design for/ work with? 

Dennis: Well that’s hard, because I have a top three list actually. Haha! The President, Donald Trump and Will Smith. All successful, influential men, with great style.


FAULT: What are you currently working on? 

Dennis: Right now, we are in the process of talking with interested retailers who would like to carry the line. We’re also designing our new bow-tie line that’s expected to launch this fall.

Also, I actually just wrapped a speaking tour in Long Island, I call F.A.M.O.U.S-Focused and Motivated on Understanding Success. The D. Buchanan Collection is not just about fashion and style, but also it represents power, prestige and success. It’s vital to educate our consumer, and young professionals about the importance of setting and achieving your goals, especially in today’s society.  I went into the local high schools, colleges and churches in Long Island, and discussed entrepreneurship, setting goals, and focusing on achieving it.


FAULT: What are you plans to expand the line?

We want to show men that they too can have cool, and stylish accessories to help add the right touch to their outfit, so we’re introducing cuff links, shades, hats, umbrellas and other items that help to do this. Stay tuned, lots of exciting things to come for the Collection!


FAULT: What is your FAULT?

My Fault is constantly working overtime……and when I’m not… Call of Duty! Gamer tag dbuchananinc Haha!


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