FAULT Exclusive: Marina & the Diamonds for FAULT Issue 11

Marina and the Diamonds was shot by Jennifer Endom and styled by Tallulah Harlech

Right now, at this very moment, on iPods, radios and computers all over the country, the opening strains of the newest single by Marina and the Diamonds can be heard: “… Primadonna girl, yeah/All I ever wanted was the world/I can’t help that I need it all…” It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s irresistibly catchy – it’s ‘Primadonna’ – and as the latest offering from the UK’s most interesting female pop star (together with a bubblegum-pink new image), it’s the perfect track to herald Marina’s eagerly awaited second studio album, Electra Heart.

“It [Electra Heart] is a lot more decisive about its identity as a record. The Family Jewels was really about me experimenting with different sounds, and my voice; I was very much a beginner. So, it’s nice to have a record that actually feels like the sound is coherent throughout. The song writing is more mature as well.”

“I look like this because I wanted to evoke an image of someone who personifies love – it’s a grown-up, bubblegum pop and ultra-feminine style. I like playing with the idea of innocence, and exploiting that very Middle American image of the squeaky clean housewife; it’s fun. I just don’t think the songs would have made as much sense with me singing as brunette Marina from The Family Jewels.” 

See the whole shoot and read the full interview in FAULT Issue 11, available to pre-order HERE