What actually happens when Girl Eats Food..?

Girl Eats Food is a new internet cookery show from the heart of real North London, and it does exactly what it says on the tin…

Presented by the antithesis of Nigella, this feisty, tattoo-ed twenty something, chomps, chat and chortles her way through the shows whilst ACTUALLY making something the audience will want to eat! Filled with e numbers, clashing tastes and nothing at all for vegans, this show is bound to be a sure fire hit!

Preview shows have shown presenter Joanna Fuertes- Knight demolish the leftover bags of popping candy and squirty cream, in the process of creating a piece of art that you can eat- also known as Popping Candy Pavlova; And another episode follows her to the butchers, with small talk so small, it would never make it to the BBC….

Spurned on by her hit blog of the same name, Joanna is a natural presenter/show off and the 12, four-minute shows are easy to follow, easy to watch and make you want to join in- purely because she seems to be having so much fun! With no pinny, overpriced organic produce or pretentious tupperware in sight- in fact it seems the only ingredient, which is absolutely essential, is access to a corner shop. And perhaps some booze. Keeping it local of course (but maybe not home grown!)

If you want to impress your friends with Oylmpic Athlete Nachos, or know how to inject (yup I did say inject!!) your leg of pork, look no further than this show, which is surely going to become an underground hit! Check it out on http://www.vice.com/en_uk/girl-eats-food new shows every Thursday -you can even download the recipes too!

By Sara Darling