FAULT Focus: Designer Sofia Samrad

Sofia Samrad

Designer Sofia Samrad launched her collection Digitalebas last year. Samrad grew up in London and moved to the United States to further her eduction, she received a double major in Business as well as Theatre. Sofia was also a part of the entrepreneurial program Hinman CEO’s. Her interest in the fashion world remained strong throughout her schooling which lead the start up of her own clothing line. Digitalebas is a label that combines unique London fashion with a Persian flare. The concept behind the name was the blending of a digital modern London society with the Farsi word for clothing, ‘lebas.’ She started designing and making clothing at age 14 in London since moving to Washington DC she has been modeling, hosting shows such as DC Hotspots on DC50TV and Marketplace on Fox5NY in addition to designing her line. FAULT caught up with Sofia this week; we spoke more about her background, current projects and her plans are for Digitalebas.


FAULT: Sofia how are you doing?


Sofia: Very well. Physically exhausted, but not complaining.


FAULT: Can you tell us about your design background?


Sofia: Actually, its rather funny I only studied textiles from the age of 12-16 focusing primarily on design, sewing and the history of fashion.  I decided not to pursue studying design in college but graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in Business and Theatre last year and have been doing a lot of different things besides my clothing line including doing the Marketing and Sales for a Tech Start-Up called Social Passport and also cover events for two TV Shows: DC Hotspots on DC50TV and Marketplace on Fox5NY.


FAULT: What made you decide to start your own line Digitalebas? 


Sofia: I noticed a niche in the market when many girls at universities especially sorority girls need at least three dresses for different formal occasions each year, so I began promoting and selling the line to a range of different sorority girls and now have my line stocked in 4 stores in Montreal, Lavish Labels in Beverly Hills and Limelight in NY.


FAULT: Since you’ve lived and in both London and NYC how has that effected your overall aesthetic as a designer? 


Sofia:Both London and New York are diverse, each person having their own individual style so for the new collection launching in August I’ve focused on eight Digitalistas and built around their own unique style and each piece is very unique and targets a completely different demographic.


FAULT: Can you tell us some unique features about the collection?


Sofia: Well each of the girls selected namely: Monika Haebich, Duong Thuy Nguyen, Kayla Cobourn, Iana Kozelsky, Catalina Lavalle, Jessica Cola Pinto, Shayna Straus and Bridgette Marguerite who are all currently enrolled in a university sent me styles of dresses that define them, from that i’ve drawn a range of different dresses based on their styles and fabrics they like and we are currently in final selection process.


FAULT: What are some influences behind your collection?


Sofia: I have a lot of influences but mainly traveling, going out and meeting new people and experiencing different cultures is possibly my biggest influence.


FAULT: How involved are you with the production of the line? Is it locally made?


Sofia: I actually just switched production from Europe to New York as it was becoming difficult to manage.


FAULT: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?


Sofia: I like each of them in their own way. They are each so different that it’s hard to pick one specific one.


FAULT: What do your designs reflect about yourself? 


Sofia: Well, each of the previous designs were vibrant, different and happy. The new collection reflects each of the Digitalista’s taste far more than mine.


FAULT: What are you plans to expand the line?


Sofia: My aim is to get it into more retail stores across the nation and to expand the line to sell on more campuses.


FAULT: What is your FAULT?


Sofia: Being too trusting.