Molotov Jukebox interview

We caught up with Natalia and Sam from Molotov Jukebox before their show at Hootenanny’s in Brixton, where we talked ChatRoulette, Frida Kahlo and why their band is a love child.

FAULT: How did the band get together?

N: Me and Sam had sex. Then we decided to make a love child by creating the band, and then brought all the rest of the band in to make a family for our love child.

S: I was in Brighton studying art and there was such a great music vibe going on there. I was playing in a band with one of Nat’s friends, and then she joined us too. We started, you know, falling for each other. Eventually it started feeling like we wanted to go off and do our own thing together. There was just this unifying thing there.

Natalia, you’ve been previously featured in FAULT for your acting (amongst other things, Natalia plays Tonks in the Harry Potter films). Why did you decide to start exploring music?

N: I’ve always been obsessed with music, since the age of about five, when I wanted to be Chuck Berry. My first ever band was called the Ladybugs, aged 11.

Acting was kind of a mistake. A good mistake, but just not something I thought I could ever do. I got a part in a film, and people said “You’re going to be an actor” and I just didn’t believe it. I was going to be psychologist in Australia. Music was just this pipe dream that I never thought was going to happen, then I met Sam and we formed Molotov Jukebox.

So you’ve just come back from touring Brazil – how was that?

N: It was amazing – we were there for a month – we left on Christmas Day at 6am because it was cheaper, and we were all wearing these mad animal costumes for the trip.

That seems like a bit of a theme in your band, costumes?

N: Yeah, it is. Drinking and costumes.

I really like the ‘Day of the Dead’ theme on your most recent video for Tick Tock – was that filmed in Brazil?

N: It was actually filmed in Spain. I’m shooting a series called Falcon there at the moment, and we had a break between two series, so we filmed it there. The Day of the Dead thing means a lot to me, because my birthday is actually on the Day of the Dead, so I’ve always really been into that stuff and also into Frida Kahlo. I felt like I owed it to my birth and also to Frida.

Your music sounds like a great mixture of lots of different things – what are your influences?

S: Gogol Bordello, Tom Waits, Amy Winehouse, just so so many – to be honest it’s not based on any genre, it’s eclectic. it’s just influenced by all music we’ve been listening to since we were born.

For the video for All I Need, you played a gig on Chatroulette. How much cock did you see?

N: So much cock. 25% of the people were cock. There was one guy who was wanking under his T shirt the whole time and then the final shot was him showing us his massive erection. All the boys loved it. Especially Max. (laughs)

Molotov Jukebox seems like it would suit a festival vibe really well. Are festivals special to you?

S: Festivals are just really important with how we got into music. It’s such a wonderful place to hang out, and to be playing every weekend for the three months of the summer that they’re on. Plus, everyone’s on holiday! No one has to get the last train home, no one is going to run into their boss. Well they might. But your boss will just be on the same vibe as you.

The new Molotov Jukebox EP, Bang, is out on 21st May.