FAULT Future: Little Nikki

Little Nikki
Little Nikki

Little Nikki was 13 when she first started hit the music scene. Since then she’s been tearing it up all over the world, from touring with Justin Bieber to Camden market in her latest video. Still just 16 years old, FAULT asked this rising star about maturity, songwriting and sugar highs:

FAULT: Your video for Intro Intro shows you tearing up Camden, hyped up on sugar – are you like that normally (either sugar-loving or a bit of an unruly teenager!)?

Nikki: Yeah! A little bit. I’m not naughty or anything but I’m always so hyper and excitable, we really don’t need Red Bull and sweets to get that hyper ,trust me!. It was just me and my friend, Remy having a good laugh really.

You used to be in Soundgirl – what was it like working in music so young?

It was quite hard to be honest. I was only 13 when I was first signed and obviously it was to a major record label and to be signed that young was an amazing experience and such a great opportunity, but at the same time I had to grow up quite fast. But I guess being that bit more mature than your average 13 year old, I could really appreciate what I was doing and work really hard for it too

Are you still friends with the other girls?

Yeah, we’re all still good friends. I mean, we spent soo much time together on tour that it would be hard not to be friends. They’re like my two big sisters lol.

You toured with Justin Bieber when you were with Soundgirl. Did you get to meet him and did you scream?

Yeah, we hung out with Justin which was of course sooo cool! But we had to keep our cool and not like scream in his face haha. I still think its hilarious to be able to say like ‘Yeah, I was hangin with Justin Bieber’. He would play tricks and pranks on us too. When the tour ended we got him a toy remote control car (a big one!), got the number plate made up ‘Justin 1’. He may be one of the biggest acts in the world, but he’s still a boy and boys love their toys…

Who’s out there in the music industry that you really look up to at the moment?

I really look up to artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Eminem that kinda thing. On a dance tip, Calvin Harris and Example. People like Labrinth and Jessie J are really inspirational too. Loving Azaelia Banks’ 212 though and Rita Ora’s new track’s reallly cool.

Where do you see yourself fitting into today’s pop scene?

Hopefully I won’t fit in, I’ll stand out! I do nothing but listen to music constantly, online, TV, phone everywhere…so I’m very aware of what’s working and what’s not. Being in a pop band that didn’t work has taught me one BIG thing, I gotta do this my way not someone else’s way, and I need to be different from other acts…watch this space.

How do you find writing your songs? What’s the process like for you as an artist?

If I’m writing in my room, it’ll usually come from a melody. And I’ll play around with that one melody until lyrics come to me. Because I have to write the lyrics and tune together. But sometimes in the studio or even at home, it just comes to me. Usually in the middle of my dinner, like a whole verse and then I’ll adapt it and just write the rest. In the studio I write lyrics on my Blackberry. Recently I dropped my phone while writing on the loo, so no phone and no lyrics-doh! Personally, I love writing songs, so I can spend hours writing one just because I want it to be perfect and love doing it. I’m not interested in singing other people’s songs, what’s the point?

Do you think that being so young is a help or an obstacle as a singer?

My age is my age, I want to make cool music that people love… also I want to hits the clubs soon so shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

What is your FAULT?

For the last few years being a pain and nuisance to the poor people on the bus to school singing and dancing with my mates…sorry West London travel and oyster card holders, but us future superstars have to practise somewhere ; ) For the future hopefully making my mark with my music


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