Ask Sauli Koskinen YOUR question for FAULT Issue 11

FAULT are pleased to have the opportunity to feature Finnish personality Sauli Koskinen in our Summer issue.

Sauli has kindly agreed to answer some questions directly from fans (although both FAULT and Sauli reserve the right not to put forward/answer unsuitable – e.g: overly personal – questions). The answers will be posted in Issue 11.

For a chance to ask your question, just write your comment on this page (see below). You do not have to post your full question if you don’t want to – the only rule is that the 5 users whose comments gets the most ‘thumbs up’ votes before Thursday 31st May will be contacted directly by us for their question (N.B: If you left your comment on our YouTube Channel your votes will still be counted. Feel free to repost your question here for more votes!).

Whether you want to ask a question or not – or indeed whether you’re interested in Sauli Koskinen or not – we’re sure you’ll enjoy this sizzling preview from Liis Anton‘s shoot (styled by Ashley Gomila). More soon to come in FAULT Issue 11!