Little Shilpa gets animated….

Unconventional artist, designer and milliner Littleshilpa has this season collaborated with Disney Couture to create a conceptual , avant garde showcase of the classic Mickey and Minnie mouse motifs. Using only red, white and black, the collection leans towards pop art and a sense of post modern surrealism with the key pieces being provided by huge Perspex ears. Worn as headpieces and necklaces, the look can be added to a matching dress or treated as a piece of art in its own right!


Shilpa has also utilized her fashion design background, as she showcased a range of womenswear garments alongside her usual, unusal accessorizing, and her childhood memories of the infamous mice motif was appliquéd to jersey dresses, neckpieces, bags and shoes.

As expected, the Littleshilpa show is quirky and playful and her collection demonstrated this by the use of polka dots, exaggerated bows alongside fur and feathers and lace. Not for the faint hearted, but Lady Gaga is a fan!

Always one to watch and never one to disappoint, you can see the full collection on her website

By Sara Darling