WZRD – Kid Cudi for FAULT Issue 10

FAULT Issue 10’s music cover star Kid Cudi was quite tricky for FAULT writer Ahmed Mori to catch – mostly due to filming commitments for the video of his new single, premiering it on American late night TV and working as a co-director for other video projects. Oh, and apart from all that, Cudi and his band-mate Dot da Genius were also putting the finishing touches on their eponymous album, WZRD.

With their incomparable chemistry and an unlimited reserve of can-do attitude, Cudi & Dot certainly came up with something worth listening to…

" “We’re just risky motherfuckers. That’s how we are by nature,” said Cudi. “We’re bold motherfuckers. It definitely transcends into the music. It’s an attitude. The key is pushing forward. It’s evolution. Changing people’s perspective about how music is supposed to sound." "Photography by Michael Casker

…for the experimental rapper [Cudi], the band WZRD, “Means freedom. Finding that power within yourself, the commander of your own destiny, being a leader, taking shit to another level, elevating your mind and seeing beyond what’s in front of you. It’s not rocket science; it’s a spiritual thing. There is nothing a wizard can’t do. The power is in your hands, literally,” Cudi explains. 

Read the full feature in FAULT Issue ten to find out what WZRD is all about.