FAULT’s latest cover star…(!)

FAULT‘s birthday Cover Girl is the one and only Zizi Zarkadas. The stunning owner of Otis, world-renowned chihuahua, blogger and pee-er on rugs (and nearly Adam Lambert), our FAULT Favourite contributor has also got GAME, Rick Ross and Pitbull…

Zizi with GAME (photo by Lionel Deluy)

When she’s not rollin’ with the Crips and Bloods, she’s running her own agency of whiny world famous photographers and make-up artists at Aardvaarkartists. After a hard thankless day of work she relaxes wearing her foreverlazy onesie while watching Operation Repo and Vampire Diaries.

If you ever want to buy her a present *hint*, a Big Lots gift certificate or dose of Cafe Gratitude – where tree bark juice is 8 bucks a glass – d-lish! Weekends she’s kicking ass and rescuing animals by volunteering her time at Bullies and Buddies Dog Rescue Center.

Zizi Zarkadas we could go on but you’re getting old and time’s a tickin’… Seriously though, we here at FAULT can’t thank you enough for ALL that you have done for us! You are the best –  HAPPY 100th Birthday! x