Artist Camille Waldorf has recently released her new single “Out in The Ring”. Waldorf is the true definition of Renaissance woman with a background in music, art, dance and theatre. We caught up with Camille this week to find out more about her aesthetic, what inspires her to create on various platforms and to find about her plans for the rest of the year.

Out in The Ring


FAULT: Camille how are you doing? 

Camille: I am healing from back surgery, but I could not be better. Thank you for asking Leah..

FAULT: You just released a new single called “Out in The Ring” can you tell us your inspirations behind the track?

Camille: My inspiration behind the track came from my horse Eurban, who passed away in my arms in 2008. The song was the response to the hail he melted from my heart’s challenges. I also had the inspiration of working with Detail, and his music. The moment I heard Detail’s track I was inspired. It was a gift and gave me the opportunity to express what was in my soul. I am so grateful for Eurban and Detail. They are always in my heart.

Camille Waldorf- Out in The Ring

FAULT: What is your approach to song writing?

Camille: I just make stuff up on the spot improvising in the studio, or at home. Later I go back to rewrite and refine it.  I like to use the John Cage method of composing. I like working with others and seeing what they come up with in collaboration. I see little cinematic pictures in my mind and I go and write them down like a story as a song.

FAULT: Do you plan on releasing a full EP or any new material in the near future?

Camille: Yes I plan to release an EP. I am using my hosts pianos here in Seattle . She was one of the biggest sheet music collectors in the world. While recovering I have been writing and working out songs. There are three pianos downstairs and some guitars. I am just working by myself and doing some video and audio recordings to make some sketches. Then I will work them out with Che Pope back in L.A. if he’lstill have me.

Natalia by Camille Waldorf

FAULT: Can you tell us more about your artistic background?

Camille: My background started at 2 as a gymnast and then at five I was a horse vaulter. I trained as a horse vaulter towards making the world team for ten years. I was on two teams, Pegasus and Timberline vaulters, I was studying all the same stuff  I am involved in today. Some things more than others depending on what I am focusing on to complete. That would be music, painting, acting, dance, and modeling. I went to collage at thirteen years old and got my A.A. in theater painting, dance, acting, and writing. I was also in a dance company called Moving & Storage/ Crash Burn, and Die. Then at sixteen, I went to the Art Institute in San Fransisco to study painting, film, animation in the B.F.A program. Out side of that I was modeling, acting, and dancing. I was dancing at the San Francisco Dance Center in class with multiple choreographers as well as performing. The choreographers were Alanzo King Lines Ballet, Enrico Labayen, Cherly Chaddick, Robert Moses, Robert Henry Jonson, Suzanne Saltmarsh, and Agusta Moore. Then I moved to L.A. in 2001 and continued all of them. I continued studying with Marot Daukayev from the Kirov ballet at the Dance Arts Academy. I also took class with Reid Olson, Cyntha Molnar, Delane Vaughn. I did some modeling, chimerical, music videos, t.v. and film  work in L.A. I also showed some paintings at Mr. music head Rock art Gallery. Then, in 2009, was teaching Kudalini yoga, and went back to vaulting, and was also teaching. Now I am based out side of L.A. while finishing allot of work

FAULT: With such a diverse background in film, art and music, what keeps your creativity going on these various artistic platforms. 

Camille: What keeps my creativity going is listening to and watching others in all art forms, and keeping my life style very active so can I build up my work. I like to free myself of society and go out horse back ridding in the forest. I like to be in silence allot so I can create from my senses. Other times, listening to music or dancing all day in the studio. I am motivated by nature and people. I don’t think there is a moment in a day I am not thinking of something I need or want to make. Imagination keeps me going together with the belief..that you can…do anything creatively and everything if you choose to make life an art.

FAULT: How would you describe your aesthetic as an artist?

Camille: My aesthetic is complex in that it is much like the definition of aesthetic and philosophy. I pull from a very pure honest place that always has innocence left for me. I have a deep love for wisdom. I like what looks and sound good according to my opinion I like to find beauty and expression out of anything or anyone. It is the combination of my backgrounds that come together. I dial what at the moment I am working on in my own personal way. I love the truth of what is really there, and what my eyes exactly see. I like to see deep into what I am into and then lose control. I will then come back and refine it whether it is music, acting, film, painting, dance, or writing. I like to juxtapose various art forms in order to create a synthesis that can drive new creations. That is my aesthetic.

Photo by Stefanie Schneider

FAULT: Do you have an plans to get back into film?

Camille: It depends. I really don’t know what the future will bring? The last film I did was Hell Ride the Quintin Tarantino presents film by Larry Bishop. He found me in Bobby Chances acting studio. There I was working on stage and getting to know my self deeper and my tools. I wasn’t  there to get work but it was for Larry and Quintin so I guess I had to do it. For years I been have shooting my own documentary shorts of my painting subjects. I like to make short films and one day want to make my own film. I have been working on a few drafts for some film scripts, but nothing I am shooting. I had done a short film by Radha Mitchell called Four Reasons, and while on set I met Stefanie Schneider a amazing photographer.  Stefanie has been incredibly supportive over the years.  Radha, Stephanie, and Robert Mack started a film project called 29 Palms where I play the muse. In this multimedia project I got the privilege to work again with Radha, and the legendary Udo Kier. As seen in the photo above where Udo is the Ginni and I am a wizard. Udo Kier is one of my all time hero’s so this was an incredible experience. I even wrote some of my parts as the muse in 29 Palms taken from film shorts I was making on my own. The song “Out In The Ring” was played to the footage of my horse Eurban, and I shot by Tyler Naifeh. Right now I am working on editing my music video, and shooting more current footage. If I am not in film Ill be making my own.

 FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Camille: I am working on finishing my album and have a book in progress. I am also walking every day with a mystical dog named Mojo, who is helping me get rehabilitated from this surgery. He is a very special creature and a good buddy.

FAULT: What or whom have been some of the biggest influences on your diverse career?

Camille: Goodness so may people… I would like to say Radiohead, David Lynch, Sidney Poitier, Matthew Barney, Meryl Streep, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Martha Gram, Orson Wells, Jean Pierre Junnet, Stanley Kubrick, Lars Von Trier, Jeff Koons, Blork, Werner Herzog, Uma Therman, Bjork, Denzel Washington, Rembrandt, Crispin Glover, PJ Harvey, Woody Allen, uh, I love architecture! .. hahah.  Gee I could write a list a page long just of names in all the arts and humanitarian fields. I will list the people and animals in my life instead. First my mom, who told me I could do anything and I took that literally. My parents supported me to be able to go to all my classes after school from piano, drums, vaulting, endurance horse racing, horse jumping, dressage, gymnastix. and painting. I practically forced them they didn’t really have a choice.  I told them when I was a kid I had to do all of these things so I could be like Walt Disney. My music teachers Ms. Penny, Mr. Emile Farland, and vocal coach Moma O. The forest where I grew up in in Santa Cruz California. My horses Eurban, and Star. Nancy Stevens Brown, Kitchy Burdette, Devon Maitozo my vaulting coaches. Marat Fautovich Daukayev from the Kirov Ballet, Jeremy Morgan painting teacher, Larry Jordan film teacher, Gino Cardoza, Gurminder Singh, Tyler Naifeh, Jared Gold, Miguel Satrsavich, Stefanie Schneider, Johnny Otto, Vincent Ward, Udo Kier, Orian Williams, Radha Mitchell, Robert Mack, Denis Hopper, Daryl Hannah, Robin Williams, Quentin Tarantino, Larry Bishop, Bobby Chance, Kate Duyn Cariati, and Alonzo King.

FAULT: What is your FAULT? 

Camille: It’s not my fault, or anyone’s fault! That I am the Queen Nag! I’m a Mag Nag…..