Photo by Alexandra Leese

Male models. For decades, they’ve been seen as little more than the pretty faces (and killer abs) gracing the fashion world’s catwalks, magazine covers and TV adverts. Tall, chiselled, and impossibly good-looking – yet with a huge amount to offer besides their looks – it’s a sad case of affairs that people fail to take these bright young things at anything other than face value.

But that’s all about to change. A team of London’s most prominent male models have teamed up to show the world what they’re made of, creating brand new media entertainment venture Boys Around Town. Founded by Kyle Mckitty (who also founded choreographer showcase UK Stand Up) in July 2011, along with co-founders Jeremy Boateng (who has walked for designers like Charlie Le Mindu and Astrid Andersen) and Jeremy Edwards (signed to D1 Models), Boys Around Town will take the form of a monthly online magazine focusing on fashion and culture. And that’s not all – BAT also comes complete with a ‘Boys Club’, which will see a select group of industry boys give fans an all-access, up-close-and-personal tour of their private lives with their very own personal journals.

Intrigued? You should be. We spoke to the BAT founders to tell us a bit more about it.

“We wanted to create something fresh and unique, giving readers more of a male perspective when it comes to fashion and culture”, say the boys (watch out GQ!). “Men’s fashion is on the rise, and boys of our generation are now becoming more fashionable, wanting to wear clothes they wouldn’t have worn a few years ago.”

And who better to lead the new style-hungry masses into the breakneck world of men’s fashion than real-life male models? BAT agree. “Being models ourselves, we are always modelling or working with new designers; through BAT, we can help designers reach a bigger audience”.

The BAT lads have their sights set high too – “We aim for the brand to be massive” – with the goal for BAT to eventually become a global phenomenon, with bases in New York, LA, Paris and Milan. Today – London, tomorrow – the world? It’s clear that there is much more to this group of handsome entrepreneurs than first meets the eye.

So, boys: get ready to experience a whole new way of looking at men’s fashion, brought to you exclusively by the guys who are seeing (and wearing) it first. As the Boys Around Town website says, “Follow us as we take you on a journey of modelling – through our eyes!” One thing’s for sure – we at FAULT will be waiting with baited breath.

Find out more at boysaroundtown.com, or follow the boys on Twitter @boysaroundtown.

Text by Charlotte McManus