Cat Deeley for FAULT Issue 10

From her humble beginnings as a teenage model to co-hosting the Saturday morning kids’ program SMTV: Live in the U.K., Cat Deeley’s path has been on a steady upward trajectory for some time now.

Living and working in L.A. as the host of the reality dance competition So You Think You Can Dance (which has just gone into its ninth year), and with an Emmy nomination under her belt, Cat continues to garner critical and public acclaim…

Sneak peak of Cat Deeley in FAULT Issue 10 (photo by Dove Shore, styling by Nicolas Bru)

FAULT: You’re a new judge on the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model. How was that?

Cat: I enjoyed it. It’s a bit weird, though, to be sat there and judge, because I’m a bit of a softy. But err—there was a bit of drama, which I think I was actually the catalyst for, and I wasn’t being
mean, I was trying to be helpful.

So you’ve got So You Think You Can Dance, the Emmys, Live With Kelly, you were on CNN—are you living the American Dream?

Err . . . I hope so. I like the idea that the American dream is still alive and kicking. I like the idea that you can come from anywhere—come from any
background, colour, creed, religion, whatever—and if you are prepared to work hard and you have a talent then you can be anything you want to be. I like that idea.

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