Bryten Goss Exhibition – Gray James Gallery in Santa Monica – April 21st – May 20th

The Bryten Goss Exhibition will be held at the Gray James Gallery, located at 2517 Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica. Bryten’s work will be shown from this Saturday April 21st through Sunday May 20th, 2012. Bryten a native Californian, began having exhibitions in Los Angeles at the age of 16. The self-taught contemporary fine artist had numerous well known private collectors including Jason Lee, Nicolas Cage and Kevin Smith. Although the young artist life was cut short at the age of 30, his body of work and artistic vision is carried forward by his family, friends and the Bryten Goss Foundation for the Arts. FAULT had the pleasure of speaking with Ed Goss (Bryten’s father) about the upcoming exhibit, the families insight on Bryten’s background and aesthetic.


FAULT: Can you tell us about Bryten’s artist background?

Ed Goss: Bryten was not formally trained, his mother however was a trained artist. As a child Bryten would sit on his mother lap while she painted and instinctively began to paint himself. It was the love of his mother which lead interest in the arts. Bryten also along with his mother’s help did a lot of research. He prepared canvas as the masters did and his art was his life.


FAULT: Do you have a personal favorite piece from Bryten’s collection of work?

Ed Goss: That’s a very tough question, firstly Alex on a Pig, Priest in Pub which was purchased by Winona Ryder and also Girl in a Pub.


FAULT: What do you think Bryten hoped to achieve by his artwork?

Ed Goss: He firstly hoped and wanted people to see his work. He never evaluated his own art, he wanted to the viewer to have their personal take. He viewed himself as just the artist.


FAULT: What did he value most as an artist?

Ed Goss: Integrity and hard work at creating very prolific imagery. He wanted to evolve as an artist.


FAULT: Can you tell us more about the Bryten Goss Foundation for the Arts?

Ed Goss: The foundation was set up to get Bryten’s artwork seen and known by others and to have his work shown at various galleries and museums. We also hope to start up a board to set the the stage to help other up and coming artists get their work known and publicized as well.

To view more of Bryten’s work please click here: A Gallery