2012 is Time for Change

Journalist Daniel Pinchbeck alongside Sting.

Last Tuesday, FAULT attended the screening of documentary 2012: Time for Change at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City. This was organized by socialite crew The Awareness Experiment, which aims at creating events to educate and inspire action on issues of economic, social, and environmental justice.

After being showed the way to the screening room by Raviv Ullman, I took a seat and followed journalist Daniel Pinchbeck through a film that invites us to open our mind and rethink a world that could be beneficial for all.

I particularly enjoyed the way Brazilian director João Amorim made the film with funny animations, interviews of scientists and opinion leaders, such as David Lynch or Sting. It is definitely worth the watch – see trailer and movie on Netflix.

If you’ve been wondering how you can make a contribution for a better world, log on to Occupy.com and get involved in whatever way you like.

Many thanks to artist Chloe Cockburn who kindly invited FAULT to this incredible and inspiring night.

2012 is Time for Change.