Little Shilpa- A Lot Unique….

You may expect someone called Little Shilpa to be petite, and you would be right. Hailing from Mumbai and working as a stylist before branching out into her own designs, she has incorporated the bustling cosmos of India with all its colours, textures and experiences into her unique designs. Styling will no doubt have influenced this path, as working on shoots with other creatives is a melting pot of talent and extremely inspiring. And she has also admitted that this has helped her in visualising her pieces as a picture, which is the way that stylists work on shoots, and she constantly picks up inspirational pieces which are arresting.

Although she trained as a milliner in Central St Martins, it’s not just hats that Shilpa designs, her creations are accessories to be work and become part of living art. Using a variety of mishmashed vintage, modern and created materials, the concepts are designed to transcend time and cultures. Her past collections have included items so diverse as childrens toys, plastic bottles and underwear!

They are wacky and statement, but everyone has something to say. Everything is unique, and she has caught the attention of Vogue Italia Talents, Elle and Marie Claire India, and has also designed for Lady Gaga.

The Spring Summer 12 collection entitled “Cranes Flying Across the Sky” is full of melancholy decadence. The Ikat fabric evokes a feeling of elegance and the headpieces add an extra dimension with a subtle suggestion of romantic escapism.

For more information check out her mesmerising website

By Sara Darling