Downtown New York City designer Cody Ross (of PRIESTESS NYC) recently collaborated with a few of the city’s superstar videographers, Brittany Kubat and Charles Billot, on a fast as lightening, loud as thunder short film to promote the good work of the organization Designers Against Aids (DAA). All profits from the sales of clothing showcased in this video go to DAA’s educational and outreach initiatives, creating a really fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about the potential hazards of unsafe sex and about protecting against HIV/AIDS.

Other brands involved include Marc Jacobs and H&M, as well as a slew of cool, under-the-radar creatives, who are determined to make a difference. Just think, last year alone over 2.7 million people around the world contracted the virus. That’s absurd!

PRIESTESS NYC and DAA want you to get informed and spread the word. This short video is a bangin’ visual tableau that showcases dope fashion, mad hatting crisp beats and buff bods, whilst also pushing a really important cause. Watch the video, get inspired, help educate and make a difference! (To make a pledge visit and for more information visit